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The name LUCCI ZEZA was formulated  by Anais Gmp wanting to create a brand that’s self expressive,inspiring and versatile.



We help women look stylish at any age and will help them create their own  signature styles. As women we should take the time to express ourselves through the different stages of our lives and should embrace it. I  truly believe that it’s the clothing that brings out a person’s confidence at times. her as the propitious creative stylist that she has involved into.

Lucci is a chic, classic lady that enjoys spending time with her family and friends, cocktail parties and soirees. While zeza is the edgy, risk taker and ambitious women that is not afraid to have fun, and live life to the fullest!!!


 “I’ve been eager to start my own retail business for as long as I could remember. I have 10 years ofretail experience and I love helping people, especially woman that have trouble picking out an outfit to wear to an event . For me, pieces are key! That’s what I want to show people, how to use key pieces to make anoutfit stand out from the pieces that I hand pick for my boutique. It is not how expensive an item is, its abouthow to put your pieces together. Pieces are key.” – Anais Gmp

I also LOVE to Travel and got the chance to see a lot of different styles around the world as a child. That’s Lzhow I got my fashion sense. Growing up with a house full of divas at a young age I learned fast. I fell in love with fashion by the age of  6. I remember putting my tiny feet into my mother shoes and trying her make-up on. I would spend hours looking at her while she is trying to figure out what to wear before an event.

Styling, designing, drawing, and spending time in the fabric store are my passion!

Welcome to my passion,



Boutique Vision


Our vision is to provide a range of unique and forward looking lines of clothing for those women who want to be noticed. Our biggest fans are those who have worn our dresses and accessories to an event! We offer styles for those who are looking to set themselves apart from the crowd, whether it is through a dress that screams attention or basic everyday wear while you’re at work just being a girly girl.


What You’ll Find

On the Lz website you’ll find: Lucci zeza’s fine vintage, Lucci zeza’s collection, & products from other boutiques in Lz store; The latest on Lz events, tips on styling & shopping, & services to fit your fashion needs!; Up and coming independent designer fashions & products; Monthly Lz parties for local fashionistas to enjoy live music, exclusive Lz shopping, and much more!



Styling, Designing, & Fashion Showcase. For details on Lz Services click here!

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